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PN - Controller

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Hilscher Systemautomation (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

Huaihai China Tower 2208, Renmin Road 885,
200010 Shanghai

Zou Yuxie
Tel 021-63555161-11

Product description:

NRP 52-RE – netX Chip-Carrier for Integrated Communication

·         PROFINET I/O Device with smallest footprint

  • For rapid prototyping or SMD mass production
  • Supports PROFINET Conformance Class C and Netload Class 3
  • Host connection via Dual-Port Memory or SPI
  • One hardware for all Real-Time Ethernet slave protocols
  • Allows one baseboard design for all networks

The netX Chip-Carrier offers adequate costs per unit as well as reduced risk and fast time-to-market. netRAPID is a complete netX based communication interface and contains all necessary operating components. The 32 x 32 mm compact netX carrier will be soldered to the baseboard - by hand or SMD production process. The communication protocol will be executed autonomously on the module, independent of the host processor of the automation device. The process data is exchanged via a Dual-Port-Memory that is accessed either by an 8-/16-bit bus interface or via a 50MHz SPI interface.

NRP 52-RE supports all major Real-Time Ethernet protocols as slave and covers all network-specific demands in a single module. It is optimized for minimum space requirements and thus has integrated magnetics and makes sole usage of the netX 52 internal RAM. A change of the communication protocol can be done by simply loading a different firmware

NRP 52-RE has been certified for PROFINET Version 2.31 and fulfills the highest Conformance Class C and the highest Netload Class III.


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