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RS4/PROFIsafe safety laser scanner

Product name:
RS4/PROFIsafe safety laser scanner

Safety laser scanner Type 3 with integrated PROFIsafe

Product types:
other Field Device

Technology & Profiles:

Certification number:

Leuze electronic GmbH + Co. KG

In der Braike 1
73277 Owen / Teck

Ingo Baumgardt

Product description:

The RS4 safety laser scanner is an active opto-electronic protective device or AOPDDR of type 3 as defined by EN/IEC61496-1 and EN/IEC61496-3. It is suitable for horizontal and vertical protective fields with different field diameters and resolutions. RS4 supports up to 4 pairs of protective and warning fields. RS4/PROFIsafe is the PROFIBUS DP version of RS4. The safe coupling to PROFIBUS DP by the PROFIsafe profile is performed via a directly connected adapter, i.e. without additional bus coupling modules. With a data transmission rate of up to 12 MBd, both the safe cyclic DP-V1 and the acyclic DP-V2 data exchange is supported. Fast, safety-relevant real time data can consequently be exchanged as well as detailed diagnostic information. The automatic parameter update after device exchange is supported by a so-called Proxy function block, included in delivery.


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