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PROFINET IO Device Software

Product name:
PROFINET IO Device Software

Order number:
00015629-90 (M-Base)

Software solution for all M1 controller CPUs

Product types:
Remote I/O

Technology & Profiles:

Certification number:

Bachmann electronic GmbH

Kreuzäckerweg 33
6800 Feldkirch

Helmut Ritter
Tel +43 5522 3497 0

Product description:


  • Pure software solution to be installed on any M1 controller CPU type
  • Uses the existing Ethernet ports on the controller system, no additional hardware is required.
  • The Ethernet ports used for PROFINET are still available for other network communication like FTP, OPC UA, HTTP, etc.
  • No change in application programs required
  • Parallel operation of PROFINET controller and device on the same M1 CPU
  • Software is contained in engineering suite Bachmann SolutionCenter and M-Base


PROFINET Device Features

  • GSDML in Version 2.35 supplied
  • Transmission of I/O channel values from and to the PROFINET controller
  • I-Device (intelligent device): Transmission of process variables from PLC, C/C++ and Simulink programs in both directions
  • Shared Device: Modules of the device can be assigned to up to 3 different controllers in the same network
  • Device name and network parameters can be locally assigned or automatically set by the PROFINET controller
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