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Modlight 70 PRO signal towers IO-Link

Product name:
Modlight 70 PRO signal towers IO-Link

The Modlight70 Pro LED signal towers from Murrelektronik are characterized by maximum flexibility in color selection and color composition. The five differently colored signal elements can be combined in any way. It is also possible to use a buzzer elemen

Product types:
Valves & Actuator

Technology & Profiles:

Certification number:

Murrelektronik GmbH

Falkenstr. 3
71570 Oppenweiler

Wolfgang Wiedemann
Tel +49 7191 47 0

Product description:

The Modlight70 Pro with IO-Link interface is equipped with an M12 connection. It can be cost-effectively integrated into an IO-Link installation concept using an unshielded 3-pole connection cable.
In addition to the classic continuous light, six blinking or flashing functions can be controlled user-friendly via the process data as standard. The setup of the signal tower is very simple.
It can be operated directly from the PLC without the need for IODD or software tools. If you are using an IO-Link device tool, Modlight70 Pro can of course be configured via it.
The main features are:

• maintenance-free over the entire service life of a machine
• very long LED service life
• optimum light yield
• visible from all sides
• insensitive to vibration
• innovative and energy-saving LED technology
• no bulb replacement required
• M12 plug-in connection for easy mounting
• flexible mounting options
• fast locking via bayonet locks requiring no tools
• sealed according to IP65
• smooth surface makes cleaning easy
• color-coded LED modules and terminals to avoid installation errors

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