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i550 protec

Product name:
i550 protec

i550 protec frequency inverters; Compact, scalable, robust

Product types:
other PROFINET Device

Technology & Profiles:

Certification number:

Lenze SE

Hans-Lenze-Str. 1
31855 Aerzen

Tanja Harms
Tel +41 71 4661191

Product description:

The i550 protec is the new inverter series in the 0.5 to 15 hp (0.37 to 11 kW)

power range. Its distinguishing features: a slim design, scalable functionality

and exceptional user-friendliness.

Going decentral is recommended most of all for large machines to save

installation costs or where cabinet space is limited.

The i550 protec is designed for motor applications where dynamic speed and

torque control is demanded, making the unit ideal for many applications like

conveyors, packaging equipment plus fan and pump systems.

Based on the established hardware and software of the i500 cabinet inverters -

this means same drive functionality and user interaction


- Ingress protection of IP66 (NEMA 4x Indoor&Outdoor) with protection against

  high pressure water jets from any direction and dust tightness allows for use

  in harsh environment applications

- First decentralized drive in the market with IO-Link interface

- Sensorless vector control for synchronous motors

- Optional service switch for safe maintenance work

- Optionally equipped with keypad or WLAN diagnostic module





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