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ControlPlexController CPC12PN

Product name:
ControlPlexController CPC12PN

Bus controller

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Industriestra├če 2
90518 Altdorf

Juergen Zeberl
Tel +49 9187 10-487

Product description:

The CPC12 bus controller, in combination with the protection and power distribution system REX12D, provides transparency for your DC 24 V power distribution. The system was basically designed for machine construction and process control. However, due to its flexibility it has already been installed successfully in other industrial branches. The system offers a wealth of functions increasing transparency and thus system availability. Load currents, voltage values and status information are continuously recorded and transmitted to the superordinate control units. Undesirable developments are detected at an early stage and negative effects can be avoided. If a circuit protector trips due to an error in the load output, the reason for the disconnection is displayed to the operator. This enables the maintenance personnel to carry out effective trouble-shooting and downtimes are reduced. Remote access ensures quick return to service. When adjustable circuit protectors are used, they can be adjusted in integers via the visualisation in a range of 1 A to 10 A. Stock keeping is reduced and the flexibility of the entire system is increased.



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