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Processor Modules MX200 series

Product name:
Processor Modules MX200 series

Programmable processor module with 2 RT ports

Product types:
PN - Controller

Technology & Profiles:

Certification number:

Bachmann electronic GmbH

Kreuzäckerweg 33
6800 Feldkirch

Helmut Ritter
Tel +43 5522 3497 0

Product description:
  • Processor module for the M1 automation system 
  • Profinet RT controller and/or device by software installation
  • I-Device, Shared Device, Shared Inputs
  • Contains 2 ports (RJ45) for operation of separated networks
  • Extendable to up to 4 Profinet networks with additional Ethernet modules
  • Configuration included into Bachmann engineering tool "SolutionCenter"
  • Use as RT controller or RT device
  • Fully integrated into the Bachmann controller system - binary-compatible application programs and drivers like on all other M1 CPUs
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