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PROFINET APL Test Bundle for Devices



The PROFINET APL Test Bundle for Devices supports the development of PROFINET APL field devices (single port) and is used in the mandatory certification for PROFINET devices with APL. The bundle has integrated all mandatory tests and specifications for an APL device certification. APL switches are not yet supported in PROFINET certification.

The PROFINET APL Test Bundle is only applicable for APL devices (single port). All other PROFINET devices will be certified based on the common PROFINET Test Bundle

This bundle contains:

RT-Tester (ART),


Security Level 1 Test as part of ART,

Test Specification PN devices,

PN Specification,

all PN relevant Guidelines,

Test cases for all RT-/Security Level 1- tests,

GSDML specification and


The goal of this test system is to have all the necessary documents and test systems for RT and Security Level 1 (NetLoad) combined in one bundle with all the test cases to be performed during a certification test.

Expected timelines for test bundles


BOT (Begin Of Test)  V2.43:      May 10, 2023

EOT (End Of Test)     V2.43:       August 25, 2023*

* This bundle is in the phase out, please refer to for latets official version.

 For support or feedback, please contacPN-TS-Support(at)oth-aw(dot)de




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